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Crocodile Sauce The Original Hot Sauce Review!

If you love mild curry flavours then The Original Crocodile Sauce is for you! Made in the Lowveld, this interesting take on a peri peri sauce will blow you away! Take your pickled fish to the next level with this family favourite. Consistency is oil based and quite runny so makes a good companion for […]

Dictator – Chilli Relish Hot Sauce Review!

Organically grown chillies, blended with fresh ingredients and spices gives this relish a bold, hot flavour with spicy & smoky aromas. The perfect addition to your boerie rolls, cheese boards and sandwiches, or as a delicious sous for your pap. Each jar is packed with a minimum of 60% fresh chilli and is full of […]

Wushini – Peri Reaperi Hot Sauce Review!

Have you ever wondered what a Peri Peri Carolina Reaper sauce would taste like? Well the Wushini Peri Reaperi is here to answer that question! and the answer is… DELICIOUS! The kick from the super hot Carolina Reaper hits immediately, paired with some great tomato & onion flavour. It’s not as hot as the Wushini Reaper but […]

Chilli Fiction – Habanero Hot Sauce Review!

Find out why this habanero sauce is one of our favourites! Discover the reason why Matt loves it so much, what he recommends you pair it with and why he thinks it should be a staple in every household fridge! If you can’t resist trying this Chilli Fiction hot sauce (we don’t blame you) then […]

Black Mamba – Chipotle Chilli Review!

Now, this is Chipotle Hot Sauce! Black Mamba Chipotle Chilli Sauce really highlights the Latino fire in the African Soul of the Black Mamba Chilli Sauce Range. The flavour of the Black Mamba Chipotle Chilli Sauce is delicious. The smoked chipotle chillis have a superb flavour, the vinegar base of the sauce really brings the […]

Mascoville – New product Launch!

Launching Smoky Garlic & Jamaican Jerk Recently we did a live session with the Mascoville team over on our Instagram to launch their two brand new flavours, Smoky garlic and Jamaican Jerk. Give it a watch to hear more about the brand, the process they follow to make these awesome sauces and what you can […]