Wushini – Peri Reaperi Hot Sauce Review!

Have you ever wondered what a Peri Peri Carolina Reaper sauce would taste like? Well the Wushini Peri Reaperi is here to answer that question! and the answer is… DELICIOUS!

The kick from the super hot Carolina Reaper hits immediately, paired with some great tomato & onion flavour. It’s not as hot as the Wushini Reaper but a great introduction to Carolina Reaper sauces.

Of course, Matt had to try this because his LOVE for peri-peri sauces just keeps growing.

Watch his review and see how hot it compares to the Carolina Reaper.

Who are Wushini Chilli?

The team behind this local South African brand are chilli fanatics to say the least. Not only do they make delicious sauces, with a focus on hot and super hot chillies, they also grow these chillies themselves. Luckily for you we are bringing them straight to your plate!

We recommend you add Wushini Death Rub to any meal for an extra kick and of course this Wushini PeriReaperi is a must try!

They also produce The Wushini Death Rub. This is the ultimate chilli powder spice! It’s made with pure reaper powder and mixed spices, trust us when we say this Death Rub will level up any dish. Be careful though, this stuff is serious!

Details of the Sauce Wushini Peri Reaperi

Ingredients: Tomatoes, onion, chilli, sugar, herbs, spices, salt.

Size: 125ml

Storage: Refrigerate once opened

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