Dictator – Chilli Relish Hot Sauce Review!

Organically grown chillies, blended with fresh ingredients and spices gives this relish a bold, hot flavour with spicy & smoky aromas. The perfect addition to your boerie rolls, cheese boards and sandwiches, or as a delicious sous for your pap.

Each jar is packed with a minimum of 60% fresh chilli and is full of texture and body. The Dictator Chilli Relish is a must-have with a mild-medium heat level.

This relish ticks all the boxes when it comes to a hot sauce, and we are not just talking about flavour. It is gluten free, preservative free, colourant free, vegan and organic!

We think the fact that Matt already polished off a full pot of this before this review is a good sign that this chilli relish is a winner. Take a watch and find out why he loves it so much!

Who are Dictator Chilli?

Dictator Chilli is family business established by a father, son and daughter in Cape Town. This trio loves food and has a deep passion for the culinary arts .

The inspiration to make chilli sauces came to Alex whilst living in a beach hut on the raw & wild coast of Southern Mozambique. Foraging for most of his own food, he thought to himself a little bit of hot sauce would go a long way and absolutely transform a meal. Like most remote areas the local town was far away, but a monthly trip would excite the senses. He would walk around at the markets  and befriend the locals who shared family recipes with him.

Fast forward a few years cooking late one night with his dad in their Cape Town kitchen, the first chilli relish was born…

What are you waiting for? Try the Dictator Chilli Relish now!

Details of the sauce:

Size: 482g

Ingredients: Chilli, garlic, sunflower seed oil, onion, carrot, vinegar, spices and cane sugar.

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