Chilli Fiction – Habanero Hot Sauce Review!

Find out why this habanero sauce is one of our favourites!

Discover the reason why Matt loves it so much, what he recommends you pair it with and why he thinks it should be a staple in every household fridge!

If you can’t resist trying this Chilli Fiction hot sauce (we don’t blame you) then shop now.

This is Chilli Fiction’s debut Habanero sauce and it packs some serious heat and flavour. It’s sweet fruity flavours from the shallots and bell peppers perfectly complement the heat of the habaneros, creating a truly delicious sauce.

Chilli Fiction has rated this as a 6/10 heat level and we tend to agree…

Chilli Fiction – Pepper Co

Chilli Fiction is a local company in South Africa located in Durban.

Months of recipe tasting goes into everyone of their sauces. They cook all the ingredients separately with different cooking techniques. Their aim is to ensure you get the best possible taste from every ingredient.

All the ingredients that go into their sauces is picked and prepped by hand. They ensure they only pick and use the freshest ingredients around. Being picky about what goes into their pot is the key to it tasting so good!

The colour and the texture of their sauces come from the quality ingredients and they use of fresh unprocessed fruit and vegetables.

When you buy a bottle of their sauce you are not only supporting several local businesses in South Africa but helping people making a living doing something they love to do and are passionate about.

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