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Mascoville is a South African brand based out of Cape Town that is taking the Hot Sauce industry by storm. After the recent launch of their 2 new sauces in celebration of their 2 year anniversary we thought it was about time we did a dedicated post talking about who is behind the brand, their sauces and why we love them.

Pure Beginnings 

Mascoville is the work and friendship of two best friends, Ard and Thomas, who share a love and passion for spicy food. Together they travelled the world in search of the perfect hot sauce. Their search came up empty and they decided to create their own. Luckily for all Hot Sauce fans they were VERY successful, allowing us to sit back and enjoy their fresh Hot Sauces and exciting flavour combinations with every meal!

What started as just a bit of fun soon turned into a well-established business. Each year they are growing and adding to their product range. Mascoville is also one of the few certified halal brands on the market, opening up a whole new world for South Africans and those abroad. 

The Mascoville sauces are created to merge the power of habanero peppers with interesting and delicious flavours to create your new favourite Hot Sauce.

Mascoville is vegan, 100% halal, low in sugar, contains no added spices, colourants, flavour enhancers, preservatives or any other artificial ingredients.A fistful of flavor with fruity, blistering hot habanero chillies, ready to fire up your favourite dish. Handmade in small batches, using the best locally farmed ingredients. Base ingredients. Red and yellow habaneros, onion, garlic, carrot, apple, peach, lemon, sugar, salt, vinegar, water, olive oil, xanthan gum. 

The Hot Stuff

Let’s talk about each of their sauces and what we think each one pair best with.

Mascoville Orginal – The unique addition of peaches makes this a hot sauce like no other. The peaches add a fruity sweetness that complements the heat of the Habanero chilli peppers and gives a delicious flavour profile that goes well on a variety of cuisines. 

What it pairs best with – We recommend you try it with chicken or on a fresh sandwich to really ramp up the taste.

Heat level – Mild. 

Mascoville Habanero Coriander –  Fresh coriander cuts through the Habanero heat of this sauce making for a truly unique taste experience. The sweet undertones of fruit round out the flavour without compromising on heat.

What it pairs best with – We love it on Mexican food or in a curry to really enhance the flavours. 

Heat level – This sauce is on the hotter side of mild.

Mascoville Smoky Garlic This smoky Garlic sauce contains aged red habanero peppers and dried smoked cayenne peppers. It is combined with a lot of garlic, a bit of apple, and a touch of smoked paprika – think Sriracha with a smoke.

What it pairs best with – It goes perfectly with fish and chips and fried/braaied pork.

Heat level – This sauce is slightly milder than their other sauces and therefore the mildest in their full range.

Mascoville Jamaican JerkThe Jamaican Jerk is as hot as their extra hot sauce. It has a bold Jamaican spice mix with allspice, ginger, thyme, nutmeg, cumin, and other spices, combined with carrots, peach, and 10% aged red habanero peppers.

What it pairs best with – It’s an awesome Caribbean mixed spice flavour which is the best on chicken or braaied snoek. We also recommend sprinkling it over your rice when you dish up a stew.

Heat level – EXTRA HOT and shouldn’t be taken lightly… 

Mascoville Habanero Extra Hot When you want to not only feel the heat BUT taste great flavour this sauce is the answer! A really good heat level at 7/10. A great fruity flavour and those habaneros keep delivering. 

What it pairs best with – Awesome on Chicken, Omelette, with your Curry recipe or just drizzle it over your Braai meat.

Heat level – hot, hot & hot.

This is the second sauce we tried from Mascoville and boy, do they know how to deal with habaneros! (First one we got was the coriander habanero and it was ON POINT). Their Original Habanero Extra Hot packs heat but without sacrificing the fruity beauty that is often sacrificed by sauce makers in favour of heat. This will, and should, go on anything. Well done Mascoville.

Launching Smoky Garlic & Jamaican Jerk

Recently we did a live session with the Mascoville team over on our Instagram to launch their two brand new flavours, smokey garlic and Jamaican Jerk. Give it a watch to hear more about the brand, the process they follow to make these awesome sauces and what you can expect from Mascoville in the future.

So check that out below…


Did you know… Mascoville was the FIRST product we ever sold on our Sauce Shop website!

In Conclusion

Fresh, Hot and Pure. Mascoville has got it all going on. 

Are you ready for your memorable Mascoville Moment? It will make an impression you won’t forget. We have Mascoville Hot Sauce in five wonderful flavours so shop now!

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