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If you are into Hot Sauce then you have most definitely heard of Johnny Hexburg. It has become a household name and a big game changer in the hot sauce community.

They began in 2016 making, bottling and labelling their sauces in their home and you may be surprised to know that this is still the case! Even though they produce over 25 different sauces, design t-shirts, sweets and specialty products they pride themselves on being authentic and homemade.

It makes us so proud to be South African when we see such well established brands like these winning the game, using local South African produce and being so successful.

So let’s begin because Johnny Hexburg is a chilli sauce range with a story….

Why the name Johnny Hexburg?

Johnny Hexburg Products

Their son who is now 11 years old was very passionate about being in the great outdoors and fishing. Being a Bear Grylls enthusiast he could happily play outside for hours with a simple stick and piece of rope. His parents noticed that whenever he was playing and had his ‘army’ with him he had nicknamed them all Johnny Hexburg. In fact it wasn’t just the army that was called that, it was his rock band and pretty much everything else…

So after hearing the name ‘Johnny Hexburg’ being mentioned A LOT they decided to ask him where he got the name from and to the simple answer “I made it up”. – It was as easy as that.

Of course the right thing to do was ask permission from their son to use the name for their sauces and he happily agreed and that was how the household name we know to love started.

Their son enjoys being involved and always helps out at the farmers markets when they are selling their sauces.

We have a strong inkling that he will be an entrepreneur in the making….

The Johnny Hexburg Vision

They have the biggest and most comprehensive range you will see on the market. The Sauce Shop has pretty much tasted them all and not two sauces taste the same. They all have their unique taste, different flavor profiles and pair well with different dishes. 

All of the sauces are made with fresh ingredients, family recipes that have been developed over time to perfection. They use a perfect blend of spices, herbs and chillies making them so desirable on the hot sauce market. 

Amazingly, they do everything themselves and pride themselves on being a non-commercial business. From cooking the sauce, bottling, labelling and sealing every single bottle they do it all. When you buy a Johnny Hexburg product you know you are getting top quality products every time.

Their sauces 

We have over 28 of their sauces but they have many more to offer and over time we will stock as many as we can. They really do cater to everyone’s needs.

You have mild sauces like the Creamy Garlic, Middle of the road like their Mozambican Peri-Peri, A very hot sweet sauce is their Chocolate Fatalii and their INSANELY hot Fubar.

This is actually the hottest sauce we stock and isn’t to be taken lightly.

Not just Hot Sauce

Johnny Hexburg is all about bringing people together who share a love of Hot Sauce.
They create several Gifts and specialty products that are all about fun, pushing your limits and having a good time together.

We love the Hot Sauce Challenge box they have to offer and even decided to do it ourselves.
In case you missed it you can watch the full video here on our YouTube channel.

Another one we recently stocked and love is Hexburg Trio Tortillas. You have three handmade tortilla chips, dusted in hot powders. Authentic Mexican Masa Harina flour has been used so prepared for a kick! Each chip contains a different flavour and gets hotter as you go!

Building a community

Creating a community where you can discuss your love of all things heat is great. We are proud members of the Johnny Hexburg Facebook group ‘Chilli Junkies’ and they have over 2.6K crazy heat addicts in the group. Expect to see people doing taste testing, sharing recipes and peoples recommendations on what they are enjoying.

To Conclude

We can’t recommend Johnny Hexburg enough. With their wide extensive range, being a local South African business and the way they go above and beyond to create new and exciting products or games to try.

It’s a WIN-WIN!

Johnny Hexburg

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