Johnny Hexburg Challenge Box

The Sauce Shop team takes on the Johnny Hexburg Challenge Box! Watch as we go through 7 hot sauces from the Johnny Hexburg range, slowly increasing in heat and ending with the super hot Gunslinger!

How do we handle the heat? Well take a watch…

How did Johnny Hexburg begin?

Established in 2016, Johnny Hexburg has become a household name amongst chilli fans. Johnny Hexburg offers the most comprehensive range of hot sauces, produced, bottled and labeled right here in South Africa. Attention to detail and customer satisfaction remain the core values of Johnny Hexburg, which is why they do everything in-house. It is fair to say that Johnny Hexburg is the leading South African brand in homemade, artisan hot sauces.

The Johnny Hexburg team uses only the best locally grown chillies and other ingredients. They personally develop every recipe to enhance the natural flavour of the chilli type. Each hot sauce is unique with its own characteristics and flavour profiles, guaranteed to bring you the best experience.

The Johnny Hexburg Hot Sauce Challenge Box is made with serious stuff! It’s made with Carolina Reaper peppers and local spices for extra flavour. This is pure, concentrated heat!

What Hot Sauces do the Johnny Hexburg team have to offer?

The Sauce Shop stocks 28 of their seriously delicious sauces as well as challenges and games as you can see below!

The Johnny Hexburg Challenge Box –

Have your own Hot Ones Challenge at home! This challenge box contains 7 x 50ml bottles of some of Johnny Hexburg’s bestselling sauces:

1) Habanero

2) Extra Hot Peri-Peri

3) Ghost Pepper

4) Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

5) Trinidad 7 Pot Douglah

6) *Hexburg Exclusive*

7) Gunslinger

Eat it with wings if you care, or eat it NEAT if you DARE. Please use at your own risk.

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