Mascoville – Jamaican Jerk Review!

Do you want to know what we think about the Jamaican Jerk Sauce from the NEW Mascoville range?

Listen to why Matt loves it, what he recommends you put with it and why he thinks Jamaican Jerk chicken is one of the best dishes you can have.

Pssst. Have a little giggle and watch him splutter as that heat really hits the back of his throat!

Who are Mascoville?

Mascoville is a South African brand based out of Cape Town that is taking the Hot Sauce industry by storm. After the recent launch of their 2 new sauces in celebration of their 2 year anniversary we thought it was about time we talked about who is behind the brand, their sauces and why we love them.

The Mascoville sauces are created to merge the power of habanero peppers with interesting and delicious flavours to create your new favourite Hot Sauce.

Mascoville is vegan, 100% halal, low in sugar, contains no added spices, colourants, flavour enhancers, preservatives or any other artificial ingredients.A fistful of flavor with fruity, blistering hot habanero chillies, ready to fire up your favourite dish. Handmade in small batches, using the best locally farmed ingredients. Base ingredients. Red and yellow habaneros, onion, garlic, carrot, apple, peach, lemon, sugar, salt, vinegar, water, olive oil, xanthan gum. 

The Hot Stuff

Let’s talk about this sauce and what we recommend you pair it with.

Mascoville Jamaican JerkThe Jamaican Jerk is as hot as their extra hot sauce. It has a bold Jamaican spice mix with allspice, ginger, thyme, nutmeg, cumin, and other spices, combined with carrots, peach, and 10% aged red habanero peppers.

What it pairs best with – It’s an awesome Caribbean mixed spice flavour which is the best on chicken or braaied snoek. We also recommend sprinkling it over your rice when you dish up a stew.

Heat level – EXTRA HOT and shouldn’t be taken lightly… 


Did you know… Mascoville was the FIRST product we ever sold on our Sauce Shop website!

Mascoville description

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