Black Mamba Chilli: The Story

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When we hear a story of how hot sauce and chilli brought two people together we couldn’t be happier! 

A husband and wife found their love of chilli and hot sauce and decided to go one step further and create their own and it changed the hot sauce industry forever. 

Being born in Swaziland and Colombia respectively, heat and spice was already in their blood. Joe had already perfected his own hot sauce and he just had to share the recipe. 

After a successful start in the early days with  400 bottles flying off the shelf, people quickly realised this hot sauce was a game changer. 

Black Mamba Jalapeno

Today they have a FSSC22000-certified factory and employ 60+ people in Swaziland. 

From hot sauce, chutney and pestos they supply it all and WOW it tastes good. From your mild pineapple hot sauce to your cayenne pepper there really is something for everyone. Black Mamba chilli pride themselves on empowering people and the planet. All of their products are organic, gluten free, fair trade, halal and FSSC2200 approved. 

Supplying people all over Asia, Africa and Europe they really believe hot sauce and chillies can change the world. All of their stock comes from local farmers who are trained in organic farming. The ingredients are locally sourced and go to helping the economy in Swaziland and supporting men and women. 

Fun fact – Did you know chillies contain up to five times the vitamin C of an orange? 

With countless Great Taste awards behind them, Black Mamba Chilli really is unstoppable. Their sauces go perfectly with risotto, burgers, curries and tacos. – the possibilities are endless. 

So try yours today.

Support local. Support people. Support AWESOME hot sauce.

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