DIY Hot Sauce Tasting Challenge

If you’re looking for something to keep you warm this winter why not try a hot sauce tasting! Challenge your family and friends to try the hottest sauces you have, and see who can handle the heat!

We have taken the guess-work out of tasting challenges and done the work for you. Keep reading for some awesome hot sauce suggestions.

Here are some our recommendations to set up your own hot sauce tasting at home.

Boerewors Rolls

Cut a boerewors roll into smaller pieces and pour a different hot sauce onto each piece. Try starting with a mild sauce and work your way up to a Carolina Reaper or Ghost pepper!

Chicken Wings

Most hot sauce challenges use chicken wings, and they are really easy to cook on the braai. Make sure to keep the seasoning to the minimum so it doesn’t overpower the sauce – simple salt and pepper will do the trick. 

Cauliflower Bites or Vegan Nuggets

For vegan alternatives, try vegan chicken nuggets, cauliflower bites or even carrot or celery sticks. Make sure to keep a glass of almond milk nearby to calm the burn! 

Now for the fun part. These are the sauces we recommend for your DIY Hot Sauce Tasting Challenge. These will add flavour and fire to your tasting experience! 

Start at number 1 and see who can make it all the way to number 5. 

1. Chilli Fiction Habanero

A Habanero used to be  feared in the chilli market. It was knocked off its pedestal as the hottest chilli years ago, but this one is a great example of the habanero chilli with an excellent sweetness.

2. Ruy’s Devil Hot Shit

Excuse the name! This is a classic South African hot sauce, found on tables in Mozambique restaurants to small Portuguese joints here at home. The sauce and its maker are legendary and being  a traditional hot sauce, with enough kick to get you ready for what comes next!

3. Wushini Reaper

Time to build the heat! This is a superb example of the Carolina Reaper, earthy and fruity, raw power!

4. Vice Chilli The Count

This is a great sauce, it’s got excellent consistency and great super-hot flavours provided by the Carolina Reapers, Trinidad Moruga Scorpions and Ghost Peppers.

5. Johnny Hexburg FUBAR

This is the hottest hot sauce we have available. It’s made with extract and Carolina reapers, it’s got a great fruity taste and then the power kicks in, start off slowly and don’t get too brave until you are sure you can handle this one!



For the really brave: Level-up your tasting by adding Wushini Death Rub to your wings before cooking. Be careful though, this chilli powder really packs a punch! 


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