Chilli Rubs: Do We Need Them?

Ok, so let’s begin with what actually is a chilli rub? When people think of chilli rub, salt or chilli powder they think hot and spicy and yes it does add heat to your dish but the earthiness of the chilli rubs help bring out the smokiness to a dish also. 

When is a good time to use chilli rubs?(All the time in our opinion but maybe we are a little bias)

Chilli rubs help enhance the flavour in most dishes and almost always come off on a positive note. They work great for marinating poultry for roasting, helps with adding extra flavour for stews or spicing up eggs, roasting vegetables and go perfectly with grilled fish. You can add chilli rubs before or after cooking as it comes down to personal preference. 

It isn’t always necessary to add chilli rubs or lots of seasoning to food but some things just seem made for each other. Some meat can be a little dry or flavourless on their own so having them seasoned and swimming in sauces just brings the dish alive. Pork is a great example of this. 

Chilli rubs enhance the flavours and add excitement to your dish but BE CAREFUL the rest of your family might not like it as hot as you do! 

The Sauce Shop believes every dish should be a 10/10 and sometimes just salt and pepper doesn’t make the cut. Why go to the effort of buying the best meat to braii to then not season it and prepare it the best way you can. 

We are the chilli and hot sauce professionals and we say:

“Chilli rubs all the way!”

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