Hot Ones 10 Pack- Season 19


    Hot Ones Season 19 is finally in SA! Get the full Hot Ones lineup, from The Classic to The Last Dab, all in one pack. Complete with an official Hot Ones branded box, tasting guide and wing tips, the Hot Ones 10 Pack is your ticket to the ultimate 10 wing challenge. Season 19’s hot sauce lineup may be one of the most unique yet, with unusual ingredients like banana and Honduran Aguardiente, as well as one-of-a-kind formulations from chilli oils to hyper flavourful superhots. Hot Ones Season 19 hot sauces are must haves for Hot Ones fans and hot sauce lovers alike! So gather your friends, pour the milk and enjoy the climb up Mt. Scoville with this 10 hot sauce challenge.


    • 10 hot sauces from the Hot Ones Season 19 lineup
    • A collector’s Hot Ones gift box designed specifically for the lineup
    • HEATONIST’s all-natural substitute for Da Bomb
    • A tasting guide for your journey up Mt Scoville
    • Hot Ones stickers, of course!

    Not included: Wings (a good excuse to light the braai!)

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    Hot Ones South Africa
    Hot Ones 10 Pack- Season 19