Picante Live Tasting

Join us while we chat to David from Picante Chilli. We learn all about the amazing Picante range and the fresh ingredients used to make these magical sauces!

Plus, as a bonus Matt & David taste some sauces live!

Watch now as we learn all about how it started, and what they have planned for the future.

How did Picante Range begin?

David Law started out like many other local Hot Sauce producers. He started growing super-hot chilli peppers as a hobby and making his own sauces and chilli pickles for his family and friends. Thankfully these awesome people encouraged him to sell his products.

Others in the industry encouraged people to try David’s Hot Sauces and the demand for him to sell increased. Being Portuguese, David chose the name Picante Chilli for his delicious, fruity sauces because Picante means ‘spicy’ which is a great fit!

The focus of the brand is raw, clean, and natural. All chilli peppers are homegrown and organic. The sauces are raw and not cooked, and even the branding on the bottles is clean!

What Hot Sauces do the Picante Range have to offer?

They have FIVE delicious sauces to offer and luckily for you, The Sauce Shop sells them all!

Picante Chilli Garlic and Mint –

Do you want to know what your lamb chops have been missing? Picante Chilli GARLIC & MINT Hot Sauce!

Say goodbye to your boring old mint sauce and say hello to Picante Chilli GARLIC & MINT. Made with Serrano peppers, this mild hot sauce has notes of mint, garlic, and coriander. This sauce can make any dish better!

Size – 250ml

Picante Chilli Mild –

If you are looking for a lemon pepper Hot sauce with a mild bite, look no further than the Picante Chilli MILD Hot Sauce.

Made using organic, homegrown Serrano and Habanero peppers, the Picante Chilli MILD offers a nice slow, mild burn with great lemon flavours.

Size – 250ml

Picante Chilli Hot –

For days when you want to grab a Hot Sauce and pour, Picante Chilli HOT will help you to add excitement to any meal without spending hours choosing the perfect sauce.

Picante Chilli HOT contains Serrano and Habanero peppers to give you a decent kick of heat while maintaining great flavour. You can expect to say hello to delicious meals and goodbye to your food getting cold while you decide which hot sauce to use!

Size – 250ml

Picante Chilli EXTRA Hot –

Ready to find your new favourite Hot Sauce?

Say hello to Picante Chilli EXTRA HOT. With ghost peppers, Carolina reaper peppers, and Habanero peppers, the Picante Chilli EXTRA HOT will help you to add flavour and great heat to your meals.

What’s inside?

  • Delicious mix of Hot chilli peppers to give you intense heat and fruity flavour
  • Fresh, home grown ingredients
  • Extra Hot heat!

Size – 250ml

Picante Chilli Reaper Sauce –

Your ideal Reaper sauce, with a mixture of the best Super-Hot chilli peppers. The Picante Chilli REAPER SAUCE is made for the Chilli Connoisseur looking to add a great Reaper sauce to their Hot Sauce collection.

Made with a blend of Serrano, Habaneros, Ghost peppers, Carolina reapers, 7-pot Douglah, and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers, this REAPER SAUCE will become your new favourite!

Size – 250ml

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